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August 15, 2016








This post is a special dedication to my mothers silver jewelry collection. When most people were obsessed with gold jewelry, I’d spend hours looking at my mothers silver collection. Surprisingly, as a child, I never once drove myself to wear the pieces from her collection and preen in front of the mirror. They were always something I admired from afar.
So, this time when I went back home I decided to actually try on the pieces I had always adored. What started as a simple afternoon with the jewelry collection resulted in this wonderful post. The silver stands out so perfectly against the deep purple of the top. Silver jewelry is really under-rated and not many really understand the beauty of the pieces but once you pair them with something nice you really begin to appreciate the intricacy of the look.
For the look that I have featured, I chose two neck pieces to bring out the depth of the magenta shade. The neck pieces work especially well because the top is high necked. If I had chosen the same pieces for a low neck top, the silver could have gotten washed out against my skin tone. While I usually like to go easy with the accessories, this was one instance where more looked good. The wrist piece is a solid silver khada and the lone piece on one hand seemed to be doing justice to the look I had in mind. I ended the look with the lovely jhumkas that set the whole look in place.
People often associate jewelry, like the pieces I have worn, with Indian traditional wear. However, there is no rule that says these have to be worn with traditional wear. Since I love experimenting with looks I chose to go the Indo-Western way and this is yet again another experiment that paid off really well! The detailing of the prints on the skirt and the shoes really add the much needed pinch of quirk to the outfit. It disrupts the daintiness of the look and adds a quirky edge completing the whole look beautifully.
 Styling by Nikita Mahendra
Content by Anjali Devaiah
Photography by Chethan Krishna

Top – H&M | skirt – Pondicherry | shoes – Shangrila

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