Toniq for the soul

June 13, 2017


Accessorising is the most fun part of putting an outfit together because the right accessories can really make your outfit talk. There have been so many instances where a really beautiful outfit didn’t go out on the blog because we lacked the right accessories.
The story behind this outfit is similar. We wanted to share it but we couldn’t find the right accessories at all so we kept pushing it deep into the darker corners of the closet until we chanced upon some really gorgeous pieces of jewellery from Toniq! We browsed through their collection on their website, and we were instantly hooked! It is all the more addictive because Toniq puts new collections on their website every 10 days. How cool is that! We got hooked to their jewellery and went a little crazy with it!
Our favourite pieces are the statement earrings which have worn with so many different outfits and yet they have not lost their charm or novelty. We also love these stackable rings that you can style in so many ways. You can either wear a bunch of them on one hand and wear a statement ring in the other or stack them up on both hands.
To illustrate the novelty of their jewellery the same outfit has been styled in 3 different ways but the jewellery remains the same across all outfits. Just like how we predicted, the jewellery goes so effortlessly with all the different styles of the outfit.
To add to the excitement, Toniq offers their first time customers a 15% discount on the collection! The accessories are available on their website and in addition to that they also have their collection of bags and accessories across India at all Lifestyle Department stores! So if you haven’t grabbed your Toniq jewellery yet head over to right away and treat yourself to their lovely designs.
The third look will be coming out soon so keep an eye out!
Content and Photography by Anjali Devaiah
Outfit Designed and Styled by Nikita Mahendra

Blue ikat dress/coat- Desi Hues | accessories – | Heels – Soles | crop top – Desi hues | culottes – Desi Hues

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