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October 4, 2017


Of late, there has been some general confusion about what I do at my boutique. There have been a lot of people who seem to have the same doubt – do I stitch only Indian wear. So, instead of answering the same question multiple times, I thought it would be lovely to clear these doubts through a blog post.
Does Desi Hues cater to only Indian Wear?
To answer the most frequently asked question -no, it’s not just Indian wear. I undertake a variety of designing and tailoring requests – Western, Indian, Indo-western and any design requests that clients have.
What else does Desi Hues offer?
As part of the experience, I help clients pick their fabrics if they don’t have the time to do it on their own. In addition, if clients already have the fabric and they’re not sure what they want, I help design it from beginning to end.
This particular outfit was designed and stitched at Desi Hues a long time ago but because of my crazy schedule I wasn’t able to do a shoot and put it up. I wanted to get something stitched for a party I was attending and I wanted the outfit to stand out. I barely own any jumpsuits and I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to finally add one to my wardrobe. One of the reasons I love wearing jumpsuits is because it makes me appear taller. The colour of the outfit is very bright so I didn’t have to do much with the styling.
Since I wasn’t planning on wearing any accessories I wanted to go for a bold look and nothing says bold better than smokey eyes and pink lips. The talented Anjali Tater did my make up and she did a fabulous job with the look.
Jumpsuits are a one piece from head to toe so it’s best to accessorize them with earrings or hand cuffs. Any dressy jumpsuit always looks good with a pair of heels.
When you pick a jumpsuit pick something that defines your waist. You can wear it with a belt if the jumpsuit doesn’t have a joint or a cloth belt to give you that curvy look. If you’re not too sure about experimenting with the colour of the jumpsuit you can either stick to black or white. If you love experimenting, any solid bold colour should do the trick but make sure you don’t overdo it with the accessories.
-Nikita Mahendra
Make up by Anjali Tater
Photography by Rajeev (
location: Druid Garden

jumpsuit – Desi Hues | Heels – soles

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