Festive Fever

October 18, 2017


Diwali has been one of my least favourite festivals ever since I stopped enjoying the noise of crackers. I always thought the spirit of a festival lies in celebrating it with your loved ones. And since most Diwalis none of my family members could ever get their ducks in a line well in advance to celebrate it together, I always felt like something was missing during the festival.
In addition to that, since exams always came around right about this time, too many Diwalis went past with me in front of books in my hostel room and I started losing interest in the festival of lights. This year, however, is different because I will get to spend this lovely festival not only with my parents and my brother but also with my cousins!
The outfit I have in mind for the festival was designed at my studio, Desi Hues, in Jayanagar. It is a hakoba, off white anarkali with delicate hand embroidery around the neckline.  Ethnic wear in full white has always been a favourite because even if the whole outfit has a lot of embroidery and patterns running across it, it doesn’t look gaudy. What I personally love is that since the outfit is not heavy on the eyes you can always accessorize it with plenty of jewellery.
As I have mentioned in another post before, I love silver jewellery and right now three-fourth of my jewellery box has silver accessories that I chanced up in street corners.  My make up was done by the talented Neha Sawan who I must say is one of the most professional make artists I have ever worked with. I wanted to go for a very clean look initially and that’s what I told Neha when we were discussing the look. But she insisted I go for smokey eyes.  I was very skeptical about the idea of smokey eyes with an Indian outfit. But I gave in to the idea eventually and I’m so glad I did because the outfit really came together with the smokey eyes.
There are so many make up artists out there trying to make their mark. But it’s very rare to find people who have a good understanding of what will suit your face and outfit. Neha had a very good understanding of what look would suit the outfit. Not only did she know what went with my outfit and what worked for my face and skin. She was extremely polite and professional as well.
Make up by Neha Sawan
Photography by Rajeev

Wardrobe courtesy – DESI HUES | Accessories – Commercial street


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