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There is good reason that explains my absence from posting on the blog – I was on the move. I have been travelling a lot for work and pleasure and this time it was Coorg. I was busy discovering the rare hidden estates of Coorg that are still untouched by tourist exploitation. It was there, in the lap of such vast greenery that I realised how much I had been longing for the quiet and calm of village life. The concrete walls of cities that threaten to box you in were replaced by the cosmic expanse of greenery that pleasantly promised a life beyond the horizon.
Life amidst greenery is a simple one. Here you can still hear the merry sounds of voices and the tinkling sounds of laughter. People waved with warm smiles while they drove past each other and everyone knew the names of all their neighbours. There was no insistent honking or mindless rush, here people stopped to let the hen and her brood wander across the road.
In the absence of cellular network and internet connectivity, I rediscovered the fact that a day plays host to twenty-four full hours, none of which got swallowed up in traffic or ran away from me while I got lost surfing the web. So, I tried to incorporate the rediscovery into the post. We were spoilt for choice when it came to settling on a location for the shoot. Everywhere we looked, the green beckoned us and after much deliberation we set up the shoot in a few spots.
The outfit, for lack of a better way to put it, came together almost by itself. It looks and feels very rustic and the shoes complete the look by giving it a sporty edge. I paired the dungarees with this beautiful red off shoulder top. I love how the red adds a splash of colour to the whole outfit.
The entire experience of shooting amidst the calls of birds and bees was very exhilarating. There was no rush to get the shoot done before the pollution created an unwanted filter. We lounged about, laughed a lot, shot a little and still had enough time to chase after butterflies before we were called in for our meal.
Here, time did wait for all.
Photography by: Akshay Gururaj & Anjali Devaiah


Eyewear – ZARA | Earrings – Toniq | Top – Tibet Plaza | Dungarees – Westside(old) | Footwear – H&M

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