June 13, 2015






Everyone has at some point in their life had to settle for something they were not entirely satisfied with. I myself am guilty of doing that several times. However, when you don’t have to settle, when the perfect opportunity walks right in, the feeling is spectacular. Such an opportunity presented itself right before we began to shoot for this post. This made me realise (a tad late) that I’d rather wait than settle!
I bought the featured sleeveless overcoat and was really excited about it until I realised I wasn’t too excited about what I could pair it with. I tried the coat over myriad outfits but was never completely satisfied with the way it looked. Finally I decided to settle with a black dress. Now, with the outfit, location and equipment ready, the only thing left to do was shoot. Except, just fifteen minutes before we started the shoot I began to frantically rummage through the closet. I kept having strange apprehensions about going ahead with the prepared outfit. My frantic rummaging paid off and I found these neat embroidered shorts hidden away at the darker corners of my closet! And before I knew it I was twirling away in front of the mirror feeling ridiculously pleased with myself. And as I surveyed myself in the mirror, I thought, “Why settle when I can always wait and find the perfect fit!”
This overcoat is perfect for the summer and for people who love wearing blazers and jackets all the time. I teamed this with a pair of shorts and a sleevless top to make the whole outfit look a little casual. I kept the accessories down to minimal by sticking to just a solid ring and my boots.
I thought this post would be the perfect way to say goodbye to my summer wardrobe and open up my monsoon one. So long, summer!
However, if I do come across a kickass summer outfit I will be featuring it! And now I leave you with something to think about. Why settle when something perfect is always right around the corner?
Photography by Anjali Devaiah

Overcoat – Forever 21 | Top – H&M | Shorts – Thailand | Ring – Splash | Shoes – Forever 21

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  • Reply Sneha June 13, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Lovely post! It’s a genuine situation when this happens. Thanks for the pointer.

    Oh and Shoes ? Do mention 🙂

    • Reply admin June 13, 2015 at 5:45 pm

      Hi Sneha, thank you so much! Sorry I missed that. I’ll update it right away! 🙂

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      Thank you! 🙂

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