June 23, 2015







The first few sentences I can recall, ever since I gained the powers of recall, were instructions being shouted at me as I raced past someone.
“Slow down! You’re going to knock something over!”
“Stop hopping about!”
“Stand on both your feet!”
 “You have to calm down!”
“Stand still!”
“Stop fidgeting!”
As a child, I never needed music to get me dancing and I never needed company to get me singing. I was the first on the dance floor and the last to get off it. I was always, always doing something and if I was still even for a moment, a family meeting was called to discuss whether there was a problem. So those instructions at the beginning of the post, more or less, sum up my childhood. I was constantly moving, spinning, and swaying around, constantly picking, poking and prodding things and constantly receiving a earful for the very same things. Yet, these were the very same traits that I carried with me as I grew up.
I decided to channel my restless energy into a fun quirky outfit. The outfit describes perfectly my mood on most days. It’s young, chirpy, full of colour and something most people wouldn’t wear on a windy day. And that’s exactly what I did! I wore it when Bangalore was breathing up a storm and I wore it well! All of us have that one outfit that we can never seem to part with. We wear it all the time until the last button falls off and the last stitch has come undone. For me, the grey jacket is that outfit. Somehow everything looks better with it and that’s exactly why I decided to team the two up. However the outfit still looked incomplete and that’s when I decided to throw the bowtie and pink heels in the mix. The result was this fun quirky outfit that garnered a lot of attention at the party!
I have always maintained that any outfit can be carried off well anywhere if the right attitude is wearing it. So while Bangalore decided to play kites with my pretty blue skirt, I one-upped it by hopping about and dancing with the wind and in the same breath managing to keep my skirt firmly in place! And that is exactly how this post came to be. If an outfit drives me to dance around and yet look normal while trying to get the better of the wind at a terrace cocktail party, then that outfit most definitely deserves to be immortalised in a blog post!
So here’s me in my grumpy grey, pretty pink and bitchin’ blue best!
Photography by Anjali Devaiah

Bow tie – snapdeal.com | Grey jacket – old | Skirt – asos | Clutch – h&m(old) |Finger ring –  Navrathan | Footwear – h&m

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