September 16, 2015








Uninhibited and carefree,
No time to worry,
We drifted along with the wind,
Doing things on a whim.
Terribly bad poetry aside; don’t we all miss our childhood, when our biggest worry was our sibling getting the bigger piece of the chocolate or shovelling food down our throat in order to be the first one to get to the remote! Now, it’s all about well-paying jobs (or jobs at all), financial independence, cooking not for fun but to feed the monster in our stomachs and what not.
Sigh… how did those days slip us by so fast?
So, every once in a while when I feel like I’m drowning in the sea of the grown-ups world, I invite my childhood friends over and suddenly it feels like we’re all 10 again! All talking at once without a care in the world about what each one is saying, just feeling safe in the familiar cacophony of each other’s voices. It was during once such reunion, that I realised how healthy it is to let go of all inhibitions and laugh like a child and dance like nobody’s watching!
That’s exactly what was on my mind when I was styling this outfit.  I wanted something quirky and at the same time comfortable to dance in. Since I’m a 90s kid, I wanted to add elements of 90s fashion, so, I styled the skirt with these funky pair of sneakers! Sneakers have always been my favourite kind of footwear! The outfit makes me feel like a little kid again and I can run around and dance so, so comfortably which is exactly what I did!
It did make me feel like a little kid let loose in a playground and suddenly I remembered how much fun playgrounds were! I wanted to get on all the swings and slides all at the same time and I had to be dragged out of the playground by my photographer!
Styling by Nikita Mahendra
Content & Photography by Anjali Devaiah


Top – Forever New | Skirt – Tibet plaza | Shoes – Adidas Originals

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