January 12, 2016






It’s that season when every time you log into Facebook or Instagram, you are greeted by newlyweds caught on camera blushing candidly, and unfailingly, behind them stand their misty-eyed parents. It’s also the time when you’re suddenly hit by the realisation that everyone you once knew, as a chubby best friend from kindergarten, is now getting hitched and skipping off into their happily ever afters!  However, all such candid photos and realisations aside, the wedding season makes for some real fun opportunities to dress up and get your groove on.
This year my darling, darling sister got married to the love of her life and I couldn’t be any happier! Seriously, I’d literally burst if I get any happier. I decided to take her wedding as an opportunity to go crazy with the wedding festivities. And crazy I did go! Only after the wedding got over did I realise that I can finally do what some of you have been asking me to do for a while now – a post on ethnic wear.
The outfit in the post is what I wore for her Haldi ceremony and it turned out to be such a fun evening. The outfit has a lot going on for itself with the intricate embroidery and bright colours. So I paired it with chunky ear-rings to make the intricacy of the outfit stand out and I was good to go. When it comes to ethnic wear I always like to keep it simple with the jewellery because most of my Indian clothes are heavily embroidered. I usually opt for a chunky pair of earrings or a statement necklace. Simple is always more elegant.
It’s always best to complement a heavily embroidered dress with simple yet elegant jewellery. If both are heavy then you could end up looking quite gaudy. However, if jewellery is what you’re trying to make stand out then a simple gown with the heavy jewellery could do the trick.
This post is a special dedication to my beautiful sister. Honestly, I am yet to come across a bride who’s more beautiful than her. Here’s us from Style Chirp wishing you all the married bliss in the world. May all the happiness, love and joy the world has to offer, be yours forever.
Styled by Nikita Mahendra
Photography & Content by Anjali Devaiah

Outfit – Designed by me | Earrings – Sri krishna | Footwear – Inc 5

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