Red – A wonderfully loud colour!

February 25, 2016







Everyone has that one colour they often hesitate to wear. For me, it’s red. Don’t get me wrong. I like red. I wear it often in the form of a bracelet, a hand-bag or a neck piece but not so much as a dress because it’s bright, it’s loud, it’s attention-grabbing and you can spot someone in red from miles away!
Plus, when I was young, I somehow had myself convinced of the ridiculous idea that if I wore red, I’d get chased and killed by a bull. It probably has something to do with the cartoons I watched of bulls charging at a red cloth that’s being waved at them. Now I know it’s probably the motion of constantly shaking the cloth in front of it that angers the bull, not the colour of the cloth.
Anyway. When this lovely dress came by me I decided, enough was enough. I had to stop this silly business of hesitating to be cloaked in red. So I shrugged off my fear and I got into the dress and what do you know! I loved the way it looked. I used the checkered over-coat to tone down the loudness of the outfit and to add a classy edge to it. I used a golden belt to spruce up the look and it went perfectly well with the entire outfit. For me, the heels really bring the whole outfit together. It’s playful and at the same time maintains a mild semblance of formality. Since the outfit is brightly colored I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum. I chose this chunky Swarovski bracelet that’s not too small nor too big but light on the eye.
Most people don’t realize that their hair plays a big role in making or breaking an outfit. Since I was keeping it playful and casual, I decided to let my hair down. However, if you’re going for a more formal look then you should tie your hair up and leave a few strands loose. This dress did grab a lot of attention but I’m glad I wore it. While I believe you must wear what you’re comfortable in, I’ve also learnt that experimenting and getting into a zone you’re not familiar with has its own advantages. Try something you’ve never tried before and you might have just ended up with your new favorite colour or style.
Styling by Nikita Mahendra
Photography and content by Anjali Devaiah

Dress – Dotti Nation | Coat – Shangrila | Belt – Forever New | Bracelet – Swarovski | Footwear – Zara

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