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March 16, 2016













It was a Sunday morning and the sun was slanting into our room in strips and parallels. We were sitting on the bed and lazily playing with the sun rays when we happened to look outside the window. We were met with a truly amazing sight. The tree whose branches extend right outside our window was in full bloom! There were pink flowers everywhere and the branches were gracefully swaying about in the morning breeze. It was then that we decided that we simply had to do a post with flowers in it! And that’s exactly what we did.
The Ferns N Petals franchise approaching us was completely coincidental or maybe the universe was listening to our lazy Sunday morning wistfulness and decided to line things up for us! What I loved about this FNP franchise was the quaintness of the store. The walls were lined with flowers of all kinds from end to end. Since our shoot was early in the morning, we got to see the fresh flowers being brought in. The entire store filled up with the fragrance of fresh flowers.
I chose some roses for the shoot and a bouquet of assorted favourites. The outfit, though well-worn, was specifically chosen keeping the flowers in mind. The bunch of roses go well with the black top while still managing to not get washed out by the pink skirt. Since we decided to give the shoot a playful theme, I picked my sneakers to complete the look. Now I look like I’m ready to hop out of the pictures and into a fun girls night out scene! And I also look thoughtful enough to have picked up some flowers for my host!
I have featured both, the top and the skirt in a different combination, once before and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk about how it’s completely okay and normal to repeat outfits. Actually, that’s what styling is all about. Mixing and matching, trying out new and different things and if you do it right, no one will even realise the outfits were worn before in different combinations!
Now, the silver rose you see in the post is actually really cool. It’s a real rose that has been coated with silver and preserved. It was described as the “in” thing by the franchise owner and we were informed that they get calls for special orders of these silver plated beauties! Now how about that!
In conclusion, it was a wonderful morning frolicking about with the flowers being surrounded by their fragrances! If you’re looking to adorn any event or ocassion with flowers or if you’re looking to simply pick up some flowers for yourself, we highly recommend dropping in to this store in Banashankari. We know it’s a little far away, but it’s worth the distance!
Owners Name – Amitha Subbaiah & Sapna Bansi
Ph – +91 9880792095 / 9740044436/9845537808/ 9845854000
Store – Ferns N Petals, Flora Cauvery
Mail –
Have a happy and floral summer!
Photography & Content by Anjali Devaiah
Styled by Nikita Mahendra

Top – MANGO | Belt – Forever New | Footwear – Adidas

(Location: Elite Dental Practice, Jayanagar)

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