Summer In A Gown

March 23, 2016










Gowns are the perfect choices when it comes to a wedding reception or a party. They’re elegant, airy and lets you bust into your dance moves as easily as you would in your jeans. The featured gown is yet another piece from Closet Couture by Neha Kukreja. The light and peaceful ombre shade is pleasing to the eye making it the perfect pick for summer.
For this collaboration, I did something I usually never do, I parted my hair in the middle. I always thought that would look weird and always thought that wasn’t very me. However, I decided to just give it a try and I must admit I absolutely loved it. I love it so much that I now sport it when I go out for events or to meet friends.
Gowns are quite the in thing now. Whether it is for a bachelorette party, a wedding reception or for a girls night out, everyone seems to be breezing through the hot summer in a gown. Closet Couture caters to this fancy very well. Do head over to and check out her collection.
I must admit that I’m quite digging the gowned look and might even sport some gowns to the next few events I attend!
Photography & Content by Anjali Devaiah
Styling by Nikita Mahindra

Gown – Neha Kukreja | Accessories – Forever 21

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