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I had just picked up these perfect fitting high waist denims and all I could think of for the next few days was what to pair it with. So, naturally, when I was sitting in class all I could think of was my denims sitting back at home patiently waiting to be styled. I didn’t want to pair it up with a plain crop top and I definitely didn’t want to pair it up with a denim shirt, umm well, that’s what I thought initially. But then I thought why not pair it with a denim shirt? After that I couldn’t sit in class. I was waiting with bated breath to get home and try on this look.
I was a little skeptical about this look when I pictured it in my head because of the whole denim on denim predicament. But once I tried it on I must say I was really happy with the look. And since I was going for something casual it was just perfect. In the process of trying to find the right top for this high waist denim I realized I had unwittingly put together a perfectly co-ordinated outfit. Co-ordinates or twin sets or two set outfits are the season’s most IT trend right now. Everyone’s sporting them. Most of you might have seen co-ordinates in the form of crop tops and high-waist skirts or blazers and pants. Whatever form you see it in, I’d say don’t hesitate and just go for it!
I’d normally consider denim on denim a style crime but this looked just so perfect and when something looks so perfect it feels perfect too and that’s exactly how I felt! To add a little drama to the outfit I decided to wear a hat. And since I was going for a casual day-look I wore a pair of silver pointed ballerina shoes. A nice pair of black boots will do too but I’d prefer boots only if I chose to wear this in the night. I didn’t carry a bag but if you can’t do without a bag I’d suggest you carry a hologram sling bag or clutch. Anything you are most comfortable with.
So here goes my first rendezvous with denim on denim! Hope you guys like it!
Photography by: Anjali Devaiah
 Hat – forever 21 | Denim crop jacket – forever 21 | Denim pants – Ni Hao Fashion | Footwear – Addons

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