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May 12, 2016












This is a long over-due post elaborating our honest thoughts about the Elfhie Collection at CKC. On the 2nd of April, we were invited to an exclusive meet and greet to view the Elfhie collection at CKC. Curiosity drew us to this event and before we knew it, we found ourselves being warmly welcomed into the large store that stands tall next to Safina Plaza.
A little chat, with one of the great-great-great (not sure if we have the right number of greats in there!) grandsons of the jewelry legend, made us privy to this interesting bit of information; the beautiful, large store was once the family home of the owners and it was only after they refurbished it into the store that they were properly acquainted with the size of the former home! We thought it was a rather fascinating piece of information! Just imagine!
The exclusive limited edition Elfhie collection is a product that reflects the belief system the brand holds. The poaching of elephants for their tusks is a cruel act and has rightly been made illegal. Despite this, it was found that the demand for ivory encrusted jewelry did not die out. So, C Krishniah Chetty & Sons found a novel way to meet the demand without having to harm so much as a hair on the elephants back. In fact, they found that they didn’t need to disturb the elephants at all! As they themselves put it, “Elfhie is jewellery made from a patented, PETA – certified, mineral based composite that is 89% close to genuine elephant ivory in terms of texture, colour, composition and durability. The novelty of this material allows the wearer to experience its beautiful craftsmanship, [the] ivory’s texture, whiteness, depth and luster while elegantly expressing themselves as more responsible individuals on this planet.” 
We were impressed with their commitment towards doing their bit for the environment as a brand and commend them for their initiative. The pictures in the post are a few of the intricately crafted pieces from the collection that we had the pleasure of wearing. The pieces are wonderfully framed within 18kt white, rose and yellow gold settings, accented by diamonds, rubellites, emeralds, blue sapphires, pink tourmalines and opals. It is truly a novel and ethical way to meet the demand for ivory that just does not seem to be able to quench itself. Apart from the beautifully crafted pieces we were especially taken in by a particular set of earrings that could be manipulated into being worn in 2 different ways. To put it in a nutshell, we were quite blown away by the collection as well as the thought that led towards the development of this lovely collection!
Way to go, CKC!
Content by Anjali Devaiah

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