About Me

The world of fashion is full of expression, creativity, passion and edge with a generous dollop of crazy. I always felt like a wide-eyed child, watching the world of fashion from the fringes; every colour, every fabric, every style would make my eyes go wider and draw my knees closer to my chest. Now, I feel like that child has slowly straightened herself up to her full height and is slowly toeing the line ready to plunge into the world she has been in love with for so long.

Style Chirp was started by Nikita with the help of Anjali, two Bangalore based individuals, who are as different as chalk and cheese. While Nikita is the fashion savvy one, armed with a degree in Fashion Communication brimming with creative ideas, Anjali is the photographer and creative director who helps in putting the ideas in perspective and gives them the shape that was imagined by Nikita. While one dabbles dangerously with colour, fabric and trends the other photographs ferociously in order to capture more than what meets the eye.

With a love for mixing Indian and Western wear Nikita started this blog to share with the world this love. Slowly it evolved to become more than just an Indo-western blog as people began writing to her to ask her how western wear could best be styled, tips on trendiest wedding attires and so on. In a world where everyone is creating Nikita has found her calling and possibly the truest of them.

Stylist: Nikita Mahendra

Photographer: Anjali Devaiah